Accessibility Services

We offer a variety of services to support your accessibility needs.

Accessible WordPress Development

Crafting WordPress sites at CMS Web Solutions means designing for everyone. We’re digital accessibility specialists who develop professional, easy-to-navigate websites that meet accessibility standards. Our focus? Ensuring your website is user-friendly for every visitor, boosting engagement.

Our process starts with realizing our client’s and our preferences aren’t necessarily the most important. It’s all about the one face on the other side of the screen. Who are they, what information are they looking for and how do they want the information provided? The easier it is for visitors to get information, the more successful a website will be. Isn’t that what you want when you visit a website? 

We use accessibility guidelines to build and test along the way to ensure our client’s websites can service the greatest number of people. Why spend money driving people to a website that makes it difficult or puts up barriers for anyone? 

Accessibility Mentoring

Accessibility becomes clear with the right mentor. At CMS Web Solutions, we customize mentoring to fit your unique needs. Need a quick answer, constructive feedback, or the right tools and resources? We’re here to help. 

The experience we’ve gained building accessible websites as well as teaching accessibility puts us in a unique position. Because we’ve done the work and have learned our own lessons, we have the wisdom to provide insight. We can also recommend the right tools or information to help build your own accessibility knowledge base. And best of all, it’s easier than you think. 

Our mentors know accessibility is a journey. We want to support you on your path. 

Accessibility Education

Exploring accessibility? Need clarity? Let the professional educators at CMS Web Solutions tailor sessions that not only provide a strong grasp of key digital accessibility principles and techniques but also focus on practical application.

We’ve spent years doing the work and learning the lessons through practical applications. At the same time, we’ve educated a wide range of people including management, designers, developers, and content producers. We’ve aggregated that knowledge and are better able to create workshops and training that is dripping with key insights and learning. 

WordPress Accessibility Monitoring

More than just launching an accessible site

Launching an accessible website marks the start of a vital journey. The true challenge lies in maintaining its accessibility over time, ensuring it continuously meets the evolving standards and needs of all users. 

We can provide a comprehensive solution for this ongoing task. Our service includes installing a specialized tool designed for WordPress sites. This tool doesn’t just perform standard compliance checks; it also acts as a guide, assisting you in upholding and enhancing your website’s accessibility. By choosing this service, you ensure your website remains accessible, user-friendly, and compliant, reflecting your commitment to inclusivity and excellence in digital spaces.