Your Graphic Designer isn’t always your Web Designer

Over the years we have seen a widening gap between graphic designers that understand print and graphic designers that understand web design. Print graphic designers specialize in visual design employing print design theory for brochures, logo’s, etc. Graphic designers specializing in web design use web design theory keeping in mind how our eyes view a website and our general web viewing habits. The latter typically work with web developers who write the actual code of a site. It’s that code that is translated into a website and displayed by a browser (like Explorer or FireFox).

The challenge in web development is that new technology emerges and rules change. Google creates rules that need to be followed if you want your website to rank. New browsers appear as well as iPhones, YouTube and other technologies. The variables and complexities can be mind-boggling. It has made web design a challenging business to be in. No wonder so many web designers go out of business or disappear!

We are noticing an emerging hidden danger: print graphic designers that try to pass themselves off as graphic designers who know web design and web development. They can lead unsuspecting clients down a path that not only is wrong but will cost them business money. We know.  We fix many of them day in and day out. Graphic designers who know web design are not as easy to find as you would think.

Good web design is about knowing the sweet swing in a game where the rules and equipment constantly change. Using a professional web design firm means that you’ll have a website that hits those sweet spots and get results. After all, isn’t that what it’s really all about?