Working from where you want: The next Recruiting tool? 

Man fishing on dock with dogBack in March of 2007, I wrote a blog post called Business from your Home or Cottage. It was about people who were starting to work from home. 

For 9 1/2 years we have been implementing technology to make it possible for our team to work remotely. I'm happy to report that any one of us can now work anywhere in the world. This ability has made us more resilient and the people that work with us happier. It has also allowed for us to hire contractors that prefer to work from home, changing our business a bit. 

Recently we moved our home 30 minutes from our office. Our new home town, like many small towns, is starting to rebuild from the closing of many industrial businesses. It's starting to attract new people who prefer a northern community. Some prefer fresh air and lakes over the hustle-bustle of the city. And with the prices of homes still reasonable in the north, I often wonder why more don't make the move. 

All I know is that living up north is gratifying. Finding folks we can work with no matter where they are is becoming our norm.  We'll see where it leads.