Why we love owner-operated businesses

Our favourite clients tend to be forward thinking owner-operated businesses. Why? There are two types of people in this world. Ones that let life live them and others who live their lives on their own terms.  The latter don’t stand back and wait for direction, they are the ones that create and lean into life.

For us there is nothing more exciting than helping someone like that get their voice heard through the noise of the Internet. Helping them identify their niche, creating a website that resonates with who they are and then optimizing it so people find them is fun. We get the most fulfillment from those that email us down the road about how much their website has helped their business.

More business means more people employed. We know we are impacting our little piece of the world by helping these forward-thinking and open-minded business owners. And after 9 years of business, it’s still so energizing.