When Your Website Costs you Money

A general rule for website copy is use half as much on a website than you would use in print, as people “skimâ€? website content.  If you have a company information website that is used for marketing purposes, ensure you consider how much information you want to provide to a potential customer. If you’re effective closing on the telephone, does it make sense to give visitors all the information and cut you out of the sales cycle? Doing so may cost you money. Hot prospects might be overwhelmed by the amount of your information and decide to “look at it another day”. (How many “favourites” have you never gone back to?). Or they might make their decision based on the website information provided…without you present to answer questions! Wetting their appetite may create a more effective lead generating website. Remember, your website is a tool that is part of your overall marketing strategy. It’s not just a brochure of information. Test, measure, adjust.