What’s the Difference between your Newsletter and your Blog

Last week a client threw me off by using the words newsletter and blog in different sentences but talking about the same thing.  It indicated to me that the lines between newsletters and blogs are blurring a bit. Although they are similar, each has their own place.

Newsletters are a way to tell your customers about new products, special events that might be happening at your business or special offers and discounts.  People sign up for your newsletter and want to be informed of important information and deals via email.  Newsletter programs like Constant Contact are great for designing and sending out your newsletter.  These types of programs usually come with tracking that helps you analyze what works and what doesn’t in  your newsletters.

Blogs, on the other hand, are best used to focus on industry specific information or information that can help your customers solve problems. You can share useful articles, but to be a real resource,  you need to offer your perspectives or insights. The more personal and practical you make your blog post, the better.  A blog can be a stand-alone site or preferably integrated into your main website both for usability and search engine optimization.   Many of your visitors will choose to subscribe to your blog and may not read it as soon as it’s published so any time-sensitive information should become part of your email newsletter broadcast.

Newsletters and blogs are both great ways to stay connected with your customers and engage new ones at the same time.  Be sure to use the right one at the right time to get the best results.