What the heck are you talking about?

Recently, I was at a session with consultants.   Have you ever had the experience where you just wanted to scream “Please talk normally”?   No one in your audience should work hard to understand you.  I believe I am 100% responsible for ensuring my audience understands me.  It’s a big goal, but one that indicates where the responsibility lies.

So, how do you ensure that what you are trying to convey is clear to your audience? Very simple…ask them.  Don’t ask you spouse, colleague or supplier.  Ask your target audience.  Is it presented in the way they prefer to see it, hear it etc.? While your at it, ask them what they care about listening to. Then write about it.

Whether you are building a website, writing a marketing piece or designing a seminar, focusing on your audience is what’s important. You can focus on yourself another time in your bathroom mirror.