What does it cost to build a website? Preventing the dreaded “Ugh”

“So, what does it cost to build a website?” asks the caller. Many times that’s the very first thing I hear over the phone.

Typically, our set-up for websites ranges from 3 to 5 digits.  Asking initially about cost is similar to asking what it costs to buy a car or a house. It depends on many variables. For web the most important question is  “What are you trying to accomplish?”   Once that’s clear you can work out the time and money you’ll need to invest.

Many times though, people want to start climbing a ladder without much thought of the wall they’re climbing.  I spoke with someone yesterday who built a 100-page site on a platform that turned out not to work. Ugh.

Before you charge up a ladder, it’s advisable to stand back a bit and plan. Consult others who may have the eyes to see what might not be obvious to you. If needed, pay them for their expertise. It will be a lot cheaper and less frustrating than getting to the top of the wall, looking around and hearing yourself say “Ugh!”.