What Canadians were doing on the Internet In 2009

Ipso Reid recently released “The Canadian Inter@ctive Reid Report”. They covered 24 different features on Canadians and their use of the Internet ranging from social networking and e-commerce to online bargain hunting.

You can get the article at http://www.ipsos.ca/reid/interactive/ but here are some Interesting highlights:

Over 8 in 10 Canadians (82%) now have Internet access at home
Only 8% use Dial-up access
Canadians are becoming less concerned about their online privacy
Social networking is big. REALLY BIG. 2007: 39% versus 2009 56%
76% of online Canadian teens aged 12 –17 now have a social network profile
Twitter users in 2009: only 1.45% of the Internet population, or about 1% of the population whole use it
81% of online Canadians state that they ‘always’ (35%) or ‘sometimes’ (46%) read product reviews if the item is over $100

It still blows me away to hear that over 40% of businesses have no website. Yet when I ask them if they research companies/suppliers websites on the web they say yes. What the heck are they waiting for?