Web Design and Development

We get it.  Your website is vital to your organization. You need it to gets results and be reliable. Your web design needs to reflect your organization in a modern and professional manner.

But developing an effective website isn't as simple as it might seem. It needs to load quickly, work on all types of devices and be found on search engines. Your website needs to be secure and adhere to web standards including the requirements for WCAG under the AODA accessibility standards.

What makes us so different? The Agency Approach

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Today’s web company needs to know so much: trends, marketing, design, code, hosting, domains, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media, security, analytics, conversion, digital advertising attentive, training, tools, platforms, customer service … the list goes on. Phew!

CMS Web Solutions uses a team approach to its Web Design and Development process. Graphic designers do graphics, coders do code, and project managers manage projects. This approach keeps the return on your website investment high relative to the cost. And each specialist works at doing what he or she loves to do.

Web Design and Development that is Attractive AND Solidly Built

But what makes us really stand out? It’s something that you don’t see. Websites are built with code – HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the like. We know how to build websites from the ground up. No purchasing paint by number templates and prettying them up in our shop. Our code is clean, neat, and loads quickly. This reduces the chances of problems in the future as the Internet evolves. We build to web and accessibility standards to ensure the code behind your website is as beautiful and effective as the cover looks.

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Because when your organization is dependent upon it's website to effectively communicate what visitors are looking for, doesn't it make sense to use an experienced team to help you get results? We think so. Contact us today.