Web Accessibility, Audits, AODA Website Compliance

Having trouble? From web accessibility audits to consulting, we can help.

Web Accessibility simply means that anyone can use your website including those with disabilities. But most don't understand how that's done. That's where we come in. We'll show you what it means and provide different services to meet your needs.    senior reading about web accessibility on a laptop

The Live Audit Review

Sure we can give you a written report of what's not complient from an accessibility context. But what we've found even more helpful and eye opening is doing a one-hour live audit of your website. Together, we'll review your website from the perspective of users using words you understand. You'll be able to ask questions. We'll even record it so you can show others. Because there's nothing better than understanding why it's important to make your website accessible.

High Level Website Review

Some clients love written reports. We can quickly review your website using automated tools and manual testing. We’ll use our years of experience building accessible websites to give you a bullet point assessment. The review can be helpful if you’re not sure whether to retrofit your current site or start over.

Web Accessibility Retrofit

We're highly skilled when it comes to WordPress web accessibility. For those websites that are still perfectly fine, but aren't accessible, we offer the retrofit. We'll match your website as closely as possible, but fix all the accessibility issues we can. This solution is quicker and less costly than a new custom WordPress website.


We love to educate people on web accessibility. Does your design and/or development team need a bit of guidance navigating through the world of accessibility? We can help. Just ask.

Document conversion to accessible HTML

To be accessible, all public facing documents in a website need to be accessible. (Sorry about that news). But here's some good news. Sometimes it makes more sense to turn documents into accessible HTML. Whether you require accessible pdf's, high or low volume document to HTML conversion, we can assist.

For more information about web accessibility and free tools, visit www.webaccessibilityexplained.ca. If you're ready to get started on improving the accessibility of your website, contact us today.