Web Accessibility, Audits, AODA Website Compliance

Having trouble? From web accessibility audits to consulting, we can help.

Web Accessibility simply means that anyone can use your website including those with disabilities. Guidelines help point you in the right direction. That's where we come in. We know the guidelines inside and out and help take that glazed looked out of your eyes.

Still have that overwhelmed feeling? Relax. We've been assisting the business, education and government sectors for years. We can help you too!senior reading about web accessibility on a laptop

There are different stages of web accessibility from “is my site accessible?” to full blown audits with fixes and testing.

How do I know my website is accessible? A one minute free online assessment

The WAVE tool identifies about 40% of the issues on a website. Yes, there may be some false positives, but it will give you a good start. (Pro tip: red is bad)

The Check-up (Advanced Awareness)

This is great for management decisions. We'll use automated tools and manual testing. Then we’ll use our experience building accessible websites to give you a bullet point assessment. The check-up can be helpful if you’re not sure whether to fix your current site or start over from scratch.

(Special: on till Dec 2020 – $495)

Detailed Reporting with Solutions

This is an audit of the key pages on your website. We’ll unpack what we found and go more in-depth, linking the issue with the actual guideline. When possible, we’ll include guidance or code recommendations to help your design and development team find solutions that work with your brand and site infrastructure.

And if you're looking for the Cadillac version, add on live user testing. When you really want to get it right, there is no better testing than live user testing!

Document conversion to accessible HTML

To be accessible, all public facing documents in a website need to be accessible. (Sorry about that news). But here's some good news. Sometimes it makes more sense to turn documents into accessible HTML. Whether you require accessible pdf's, high or low volume document to HTML conversion, we can assist.

For more information about web accessibility and free tools, visit www.webaccessibilityexplained.ca. If you're ready to get started on improving the accessibility of your website, contact us today.