Other Services

Photo shootThe Internet moves. Each project is different. It’s just not practical or cost effective to have every skill on staff in-house. So, we had an idea. Why not partner with other specialists, a sort of “dream team?”

Good partner suppliers are hard to find. The ones who are great at what they do, have their own business and are nice people, aren’t as easy to find as you think. But we found them and here they are.

You can contact them directly (say we sent you) or if you're shy, contact us and we’ll make a warm introduction.

Graphic Design

Heather Chapman, Heather Chapman Design

One of the toughest things for a web company is finding a graphic designer who can design great visuals for websites with the user in mind. Add to that logos, branding, marketing materials, signage, printing, you name it, and you get Heather. We’ve been working together for over 12 years now. She’s part of the CMS family, which is great, because we all love Heather.

Heather Chapman


Hark Nijjar, Hark Nijjar Photography

Hark is a commercial photographer who says he specializes in narrative story telling. We think he specializes in WOW Photography. His work has been published in magazines, tourism websites and annual reports of some of the biggest names in the Canadian mining space. He is currently based in Durham region and serves clients throughout Canada and internationally.

Hark Nijjar

IT Support

Robert Miranda, Mesh Networks

For over 7 years Robert’s the guy we send in to our client’s when they have IT issues ranging from email to network support. But most issues he can resolve online, which is why our clients across Canada love him.

Robert Miranda

Digital Marketing Strategy, Media and Video

Jenn Sunnerton, Moko Media

No one has seen digital marketing shift and evolve like media companies. After being a Discovery Channel producer, Jenn decided to strike out on her own. She specializes in digital strategy, video production, pay per click marketing, sales funnels, Facebook and Google Ads, copy writing, scripting and social media management. She’s worked with scientists, doctors, hospitals, governments and businesses. She’s even done our 1-minute educational video clips for CMS Web Solutions. And if she can make us look good, imagine what she could do for you!

Jenn Sunnerton

Keyword Research, Internet Marketing & Competitive Analysis, Google Ads

Jen Bridle,

Marketing & business researcher, social media manager, Google specialist, writer & editor, helper, family & horse lover.

Jen’s academic research background lead her to marketing consulting work and eventually to a short, yet fascinating, contract with Google regarding search quality. She brings this experience, her research skills, and her determination to be both helpful and client-focussed to every project she works on.

Jen Bridle

Virtual Assistant Services

Janet Boccone, Boccone Creative

Sometimes organizations require someone to do some of the work for them. A competent “rubber meets the road” person. Meet Janet. She provides social media marketing, blog and web content creation, WordPress website management and e-mail marketing and design. She does it all virtually. Smart.

Janet Boccone