Custom WordPress Web Design

Also known as CMS, Content Management Systems allow website owners to easily create, edit, publish and manage web content themselves without relying on web masters or having knowledge of HTML and other web coding languages.

The CMS Web Solutions Advantage

CMS is in our name. After building hundreds of custom websites for over 14 years, day in, day out, we're really good at our craft. But don't ask us, ask our customers!

Have an exsisting WordPress website with an issue? Need a new skilled team to take over all the tough technical parts? If you're Not for Profit,  government/government agency or an established business who's doing some really great things for the world, we can help!

Custom WordPress Web Design

WordPress IconIs your organization unique or is it like everyone else? So why not create a custom WordPress design as unique as you are? And because it's custom, quick loading and search engine friendly websites are the result. Expensive? We've perfected our processes so that custom templates can be developed at prices that many designers charge to customize purchased templates.

Responsive WordPress Websites

Mobile devices continue to grow in popularity. With responsive websites, your site will morph into whatever size screen it’s being viewed on. Let us optimize your website for each screen size so your visitor is getting the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

Accessible WordPress

If you have an accessible website, you're making it possible for anyone to engage with your site. Screen reader users can ‘hear' your site, those 1 in 12 men with colourblindness can see your data and keyboard users can navigate to the info they need. In fact, your site becomes easier to use for just about everyone. We'll even build custom accessible edting blocks. They provide layout flexibility, but act as accessibility guardrails. It's one thing to launch an accessible beside, it's another thing to keep it accessible.

Specialized WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

We offer green, Canadian WordPress hosting, specially crafted for WordPress websites. Faster loading, better security and regular backups to give you an edge. Because we believe clients don't require headaches or website issues, we'll take care of some of the website maintenance for you. All hosted accounts receive free SSL as well as basic WordPress version and security updates.

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