We’re the “go to” company for all your website services, the one you come to when you need a great site that works incredibly well. We’re like the custom homebuilder that has a reputation for building quality. We look after all those little things that others rush over or miss. We write and understand the code that makes a website flow, load quickly and work on all devices. Visitors can feel the quality. Businesses see the results.

List of Services that CMS Web Solutions provides


Have you ever visited a website that provided all the information you required in a way you just loved? That’s what we build. Websites that are beautiful both visually and behind the scenes. Because it’s delighted visitors that your after, isn’t it?

WordPress Web Design

The fact that we are custom WordPress specialists means you are hiring a company that understands how to get the most out of WordPress CMS. Because we know how to code, we understand how to fix, upgrade and supercharge your WordPress website for maximum performance.


As WordPress specialists, it made sense to specialize in WooCommerce as well. Why? Our clients prefer creating a custom website that they, not a 3rd party platform, control. It’s a lot of work building an ecommerce website. Why not build one you control?

Web Accessibility

Why limit your website’s reach and market? Websites built to be accessible serve everyone including those with disabilities. We have built a reputation in Ontario for our work around web accessibility. Why not work with us to increase your market through an accessible website?

Canadian WordPress Hosting

A great website is only as good as the hosting provider.  To deliver the best results, you need hosting that is quick, reliable and secure.

Other Available Services

We can’t do it all so we work with some great suppliers to bring your projects to life: Graphic Design, Photography, IT Support, Digital Marketing, and Virtual Assistance too!