Web Design Trends for 2020

We recently were asked to comment on web design trends for 2020. Top of our list: web accessibility. Why? Because for businesses in Ontario with 50 or more employees, an accessible website won’t be an option starting next year.

Ignoring accessibility will cost companies money. Why?  Aside from the potential legal fines, businesses that ignore accessibility are cutting out 15% (at least) of their potential market.  I haven’t found a business owner yet who is happy to leave that kind of money on the table.

What are the other trends?

The folks at Digital Ducats Inc. summarized these web design trends in the following infographic (text version follows).

12 Web Design Trends For 2020 By Toronto Experts

12 Web Design Trends Toronto Experts Predict to be the most important for 2020

Minimalist Design

“Minimalism has been a popular design choice for mobile …and looks set to stay strong through 2020.” ~ Elvin Cheung, WittyCookie

“No one wants a website with a ton of flash anymore. …Simplicity is key for customers to convert on your site!” ~ Dominic Brault, 360 Nerds

Large Typography

“The evolution of minimal design has come to incorporate large typography to enhance the character of the brand behind the message.” ~ Matt Balshin, MB Creative

Page Speed

“…being able to bridge the balance between excellent design and seamless coding to have a fast-loading website is extremely important.” ~ Baljot Saral, Web Sharx

” [Page speed] is the driving principle behind other trends such as minimalist design, growing white space, and long scrolling pages.” ~ Paul Bies, Mystique Brand Communications

Made For Mobile

“I think one of the most important aspects of 2020 is addressing the mobile usage of the website.” ~ Hossein Hessami, MQ Solutions

“…not just responsive but mainly built for mobile-first from layout to individual page design.” ~ Kirsten Hutchinson, Total Internet Marketing

Video Solutions

“…increased integration of video streaming for high converting landing pages. ” Adam Evans, Thought Media

“…video headers using the latest and best WordPress themes/frameworks and plugins.” Jeremy Goldenberg, Pearl White Media

3D Graphic animations

“Those smooth, incredibly well-rendered videos that often get called “Oddly Satisfying” is a great example of this style of animation.” ~ Cassidy Krueger, Geek Power

“…one trend for 2020, I would make a remark about dynamic elements, such as animations” ~ Guillermo Figueredo, Awesome Web Design

Single Menu Interface

A trend that is being driven by client input is the use of a single menu interface for both desktop and mobile designs.” ~ Ian Chapman, Leaf Design Inc.

Illustrative design

“Utilizing recognizable illustrations in web design means improving the brand’s image and helping it to be memorable with every click.” ~Tim Husband, Blue Flamingo Solutions

Custom designed illustrations that match logo branding that helps tell a story…“ ~Alexander Plagiannakos, Thinkbound Inc.


“My agency truly believes that the messaging on websites is just as important if not even more important than the design.” ~ Robert Cairns Stunning Digital Marketing

Long Homepages

“Many users don’t go beyond the homepage of a website, so a long homepage is a notable feature which gives organizations room to share a wide organizational overview and the opportunity to take advantage of authentic storytelling.” ~ Jassmin Nicoloff, A.K.A. New Media

Web Accessibility

“With the next level of the AODA law kicking in Jan 2021 (for organizations with more than 50 employees) building to WCAG 2.0 AA standards is now a must.” ~ Richard Gauder, CMS Web Solutions

Voice Search

“Voice search is taking over not only the search functionality but also it will impact the design.” ~ Erez Elias, All The Way Up Media

Read the full blog post: https://digitalducats.com/web-design-trends-2020/