Web Design Professional verses Web Design Dabbler

Although we are extremely happy from the many calls we receive from frantic business owners whose web designer has gone out of business, disappeared or plain ignored them, I starting to become disturbed. Bad experiences with web designers give the web design business a bad name. People don’t know who to trust. Please business people of the world listen up. Use a professional web design company that does web design day in, day out. There are too many variables and changes in the website/search engine world to use what I call “a dabbler”. It’s your business and a website is a vital part of it. A bad website can actually cost you money. Would you use a part time real estate agent to sell your business? If you run a professional business yourself, what do you think of those that “dabble” in your industry? Use a professional. Not only will it save you money in the long run, with a proper website design coupled with an Internet marketing strategy, you’ll actually make money.