Web Design is really all about the Content (Reposted)

person writing content

I originally posted this article 7 years ago. It is still key and still ignored by many organizations. There is a reason CONTENT management systems (CMS) have taken over the web. In fact over 25% of all new websites are now built with WordPress CMS.

When a business owner hears that we specialize in WordPress¬†websites, they begin asking questions. Does social marketing work, how do I get on the first page of Google, what's new? Someone recently asked me what the most important thing about a website was. I naturally answered “content”. They just looked at me strangely. But THAT is the key. Writing good relevant content that speaks to your target audience works. And please don't give them the information you want to say, instead give them information that they are looking for in the way they want it. People love when they read information that connects with them. Don't you? I know Google loves it; their company is built around finding “relevancy” with content. Look at it this way, a best selling book is all about good content that speaks to the reader. Yes the cover may intrigue you and you end up picking up the book, but as soon as you start reading, you'll choose to buy it or put it down. It's the same with a website. You look for a topic, get a first impression though the design of the site, then you start reading a bit. It's the relevant content that keeps you there longer. So if you are building a website, yes insure that it is professional, built to web standards, loads quickly, tested on various browsers, built search engine friendly etc. etc. But remember, good web design is really all about the content.