Voting for Politicians similar to Voting for a Service Business

The other day I was teaching a class of new businesses about websites and marketing and out slipped the words “people vote for your businesses with their dollars”. For days after that statement, I pondered that statement. How true that is, especially for a B2B service business. A potential customer must, like your business, believe you will do what you said you will do, believe you will look after their best interests, and be assured you will be around when they need you. How do you “get votes” for your service business? Well, you need to develop a great reputation. You need to go out into the community and network, shaking lots of hands and meet other businesses. You need to have a letter writing campaign asking for their “vote” and highlighting why they should use you. The more happy people that use your business, the more that will campaign on your behalf. Who needs to be a politician when you own your own business!