Treating your Website like a Mass Lottery?

Throwing up a website without coming at it from a business context is like buying a ticket in a mass lottery and hoping you’ll be the one in 30 million that hits it big. Wanting to get found on Google is no different than wanting to get found in your local “offline” marketplace. Start with your target market. See their face so it focuses your efforts. The days of “everyone is my target market” are over. Now, what are they looking for? Where do they look for it? What words do they look for/appeal to? Once that’s done, create a coordinated marketing campaign for them. Create or adjust your website. Measure, and then adjust again. Remember, no one buys a book for the cover; they buy it for the content. It's same with your website. Make sure your content resonates to your target market. Maybe then you’ll increase your chances of cashing in on the big win.