Treat Websites as Online Sales Staff, Not Signs

Canadian Loonies and TooniesI sat across from my accountant, who is also a web client, and asked her “Do you think your website is important to your business?”

She answered “Oh yes. I even got a nice client yesterday who picked us over the competition because of our website.”

Next I asked, “So what percentage of your business do you believe you get because of your website?”

She thought for a moment and then gave me the number – a good portion I might add. So then I said, “Multiply that number by your revenue.”

“Got it” she said.

I then asked the big question, “If your website is responsible for so much of your revenue, why aren't you spending more to improve it?”

We've been asking this question for years. Business owners know their website is vital to their business. But they tend to buy it and then not touch it for years. We've come to the conclusion that business owners treat their website more like a sign or brochure, than staff that’s available around the clock.

If you were to give us $1 and we gave you back $4, would you give us another $1?  The answer is probably yes. But guess what? When it comes to websites, even though it's responsible for a lot of their revenue, businesses don't allocate more dollars to keep the flow going and even increase it.

Stop treating your website like a sign. Because your website is actually like a 7/24 sales and operations person combined. Invest accordingly.