Time to prepare your website now for voice searches

The iPhone launched in 2007. Since then it’s incredible how quickly mobile phones have become a part of our lives. So what’s next? 

In the last year, technology related to speech recognition has had major breakthroughs. The accuracy keeps getting better and it will only improve. And as it does, more people will stop typing and simply ask their smart phones questions.  

Apple just released a new Apple TV with voice search. Others will follow. Speak recognition technology in automobiles will improve as well. We will become more comfortable speaking than typing. Trends show it's growing.   

As a business you need to ask yourself this question:

iphone siri voice search“If someone were looking for your product or service, what would they ask their smartphone?”

Based on the above answer, start building up your inventory of questions and answers on your website. One of the best places to do this is on your website's FAQ page (the beauty of having a WordPress website that you can update yourself). 

Keep adding questions and answers to that page and over the next few years, you’ll be ready for the day when a larger number of people start asking, rather than typing, into their smartphones.