Think about your website as an inexpensive Employee

If a salesperson offered to bring in sales for your business for a straight 10% commission, would you take it?  How much would you pay for a full time salesperson?  The answer to both questions would be based on return not cost.

A proper internet strategy, well-built website and on and offline marketing should bring returns far exceeding what one pays for set up and recurring costs. Can you expect to get a good (or even bad) employee for free? The more skills required, the higher the cost.  In fact, during cost cutting periods, employees are often laid off and replaced by technology because it’s cheaper.

So, why not look at your website and internet strategy as an inexpensive employee? The amount you pay will be a lot less than a real person, but your return on investment will be huge. Returns, not cost are what smart businesses look at, both for employees and technology.