The wheel is spinning, but the Gerbil is dead.

Someday I just shake my head in disbelief. There’s a new Ontario Chamber of Commerce program funded by the Ontario government. The program is intended to encourage companies to export more. The program will cover 50% of the costs for traditional marketing.

Sounds good so far, but get this. Websites and Internet marketing are specifically excluded from the program. Hmmmmm. Do you think a forward thinking company may wish to create a website targeted at export markets? Do you think they may want an Internet marketing program to increase foreign inquiries? Instead our tax dollars will contribute some of my taxes to further pollute the planet by paying for paper products and flying you to a trade show.

We do business all over the world … electronically. We have helped companies create web design and Internet marketing strategies that actually worked in attracting foreign business. They’ve expanded into new buildings because of increased demand. Yes, the wheel is spinning, but the gerbil is dead.