The Social Network

Finally got around to watching The Social Network, the movie about the creation of Facebook and it's main founder, Mark Zuckerberg. It was an interesting movie and just won the Golden Globe for Best Picture and Director. One thing is clear: social networking continues to grow and it’s on peoples’ minds.

Like most things connected to the Internet, one thing leads to another. So after watching the movie, I headed over to YouTube to watch interviews with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner.

Key insights about the social network

Facebook has a massive audience and it’s not done growing yet. 50% of it's 500,000,000 users log in daily.

Mobile is driving tremendous growth in social media. 40% of Facebook status updates are done via a mobile device. Mobile can’t be ignored anymore.

There are many different social silos. LinkedIn is just one good example. It’s where business individuals hang out to enhance their professional network and recruiters visit to find qualified candidates for job openings.

Social media has begun making two way communication the accepted norm. Mobile makes it virtually instant. This sharing of information will continue to grow as mobile smartphones become the norm. Mobile is growing at an incredibly fast rate around the world and that growth is expected to accelerate. If your business isn’t looking at mobile it needs to start.