The Profession of Web Design

Web Design is a profession, like being an accountant, lawyer or engineer. The difference is that currently in this country it is not regulated. Instead the market forces are at work. It’s a wild west out there.

Businesses of all sizes are discovering that websites are more than an online brochure. Their website is a communication hub viewed by prospects, customers, employees, researchers – anyone who is interested. They are discovering that if they do it right, they can have the undivided attention of another person, reviewing information provided by the business. Maybe they’ll even get feedback.

If a business does an effective job of positioning their website on search engines they can capture niche markets from right under the noses of their large competitors. But, Seth Godin, in a recent post identified one of the major issues. He said  “Marketing online takes too much measurement, patience, creativity, technical knowledge, flexibility, speed and authenticity.”

Creating an effective communication hub isn’t about throwing up a simple brochure website. It takes what Seth spoke of. The smart businesses see that. Do you?