Strategic web design. In Ajax it turned into over $200,000 worth of sales.

People think we build websites, which we do and we do well.  But we also provide strategic web design/development.  The days of simply building a website are fading as the online world becomes more crowded and complex.

Done well, strategic web design can have dramatic effects. A new client landed $200,000 worth of measurable sales after only a few months. The steps are:

1.    Discover the niche

2.    Know the target audience

3.    Build and optimize the website inserting measurement tools

4.    Plan and execute a coordinated on and offline marketing strategy

5.    Measure and adjust.

6.    Go after additional niches.

Smart businesses have always known that marketing isn't about cost – it's about return. This client spent $1,000 per month to drive traffic to the website. Even after adding in the cost of the website, the return on his marketing investments were substantial. It’s not just about having a great website. It’s about ensuring you get results with your whole marketing strategy.