Still have a Flash website? Convert it now. People will thank you.

Prospects, search engines and people with disabilities hate Flash. Heck even Steve Jobs hated Flash. It’s “loading, loading, loading” screen drives people nuts – that is, if their device can load it. It’s slow to load, lousy for search engines, it’s not accessible for people with disabilities and has many more disadvantages. Even Adobe, the company that builds it, abandoned mobile Flash back in Nov 2011.

The good news is that you can still have dynamic – and more effective – websites using newer technologies. You can take advantage of search engine changes and drive more traffic to your site, incorporate social media to boost awareness and supercharge your whole web presence.

Our customers believe that online marketing is increasingly driving business to their website. If you still have a Flash website and want more business from your site, we’d love to help transform your online web presence.