Social networking for business. Crap, do I have to do this too?

The poor overworked business person is starting to feel overwhelmed. Running a business has always been an ongoing challenge in and of itself. Now this whole Internet business is taking them on a roller coaster rider they’re not sure they want to ride, but are told they must. They’re told:

They need a website
They need to optimize that website for search engines
They need to have inbound links to their website
They need to update the site regularly
They need a blog
They need to be on Facebook and do regular updates
They need to be on Linkedin and have many connections
They need to be on Twitter and tweet regularly
They need a Facebook Fan page and have lots of people “Like” them
They need Yellow pages offline and online ads
They need ads in newspapers and online
They need to do Google Adwords
They need to do search engine marketing
And on and on and on …

Talk about overwhelmed and confused!  So what do you do?  And, who has the time? Is doing all this worth it or is it just a distraction?

It always comes back to this:  You don’t count – your customers and prospects count.

So, what are your prospects using to find companies like yours? What do they want?  How are your customers engaging with your company and companies like yours?  Answers to those questions will guide what you need to use.