Smell the snow while it’s still here (Just not the yellow stuff)

People wonder why I’m such a positive person. Women think I’m wonderful because I pitch in by cooking and cleaning. I do laundry and iron. Heck I even bring home flowers for my wife. I’ll give you my secret, but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. You see my mother contracted cancer when I was in high school. She lived for 10 years. I learned to help out by doing the chores around the house. I learned at a young age that each day was precious. I was reminded again this week. You see this week alone my cousin’s wife learned she had cancer, a friend’s husband is in surgery today for it, my aunt is waiting for her biopsy results and another friend is flying out tomorrow for an east coast operation.  Cancer is an evil disease and all around me. Many business people are freaking out right now with the economy, like it’s the end of the world. But those that are sick and afraid remind those of us that are healthy that bad economic times are not the end of the world. Economies eventually heal. They are not terminal.

Feeling down? Give your head a shake. Hug your parent, spouse, child or friend. Dance in the living room. Tell a bad joke. Laugh hard. Enjoy each precious day.