Quick Tips to move Up in Search Engine Rankings

Do you want to move up in search engine rankings? There are many factors, however, here are a few of the most important. Search engines send “spiders” into you website periodically to scan and index your website. The first important factor then is to make it easy to crawl for them. (Spiders don't read flash as they are graphic, so go easy on flash elements). Choose your keywords carefully and use those keywords through out the text your website. Optimize each page for different keywords. Make sure the content is relevant and popular, not only with your target audience, but popular with other people in your field. Have links on similar sites targeting the similar topic and ensure the inbound links have good specific anchor text. In other words, for a Toronto Limousine company, have links on other popular wedding focused websites and use the words “Toronto wedding limousines” hyper linked back to your website rather than just your web address.