Quality verses Cheap: Reconditioning our Shopping Mentality

My grandfather used to say the only people who could afford cheap throw away products were the rich. Everyone else had to buy quality products that lasted. We in North America are the rich in the world. We buy bigger houses and cram them with more stuff. We pave the roads and feel disconnected with the earth. We light up the skies, can’t see the stars and then feel disconnected with our planet. Is it any wonder anti depressants are high on the most used drug list? With the new economic reality, it’s probably a great time to rethink, retool and design the new. As we do, let’s build in quality. Let’s charge a little more knowing it will last and stay out of the landfill or at least be renewable. Mahatma Gandhi said “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” It’s why we as a web design company spend a little more for our green hosting and use bullfrog power (non impact hydro electric and wind) to build websites. Cheap is not necessarily better.