Where to put your marketing dollars

marketing dollarsWe get it. We're business people like you. We too look for ways of getting the most out of our marketing dollars.  Have you noticed the increasing number of marketing vehicles available to you? Offline, online, social, Pay Per Click. Confusion and doubt sets in. Then a salesperson or email arrives announcing that they have the answer. You buy their solution only to find that it wasn't effective. So how do you ensure you don't waste your money again and again? Coming from the world of website development, we see ways of using your website to help remove the guess work in order to allocate your marketing dollars effectively.

Over 5 years ago I wrote a blog post titled “The simple secret behind knowing where to put your marketing dollar.” Recently I created video which once again spoke to the topic. Guess what? Same basic message. To manage your marketing spend you simply need to measure, then adjust. Here's the 1-minute video that explains how.