People prefer Uncomfortable Certainty rather than the Unknown

It’s a strange fact. Most people choose certainty even if they dislike it rather than move into the unknown. There is something about the void of the unknown that scares people.  They dislike change and will fight it. We are entering unstable economic times. Many will “batten down the hatches” and run for the safety of the known. Over the years many business owners have been conditioning themselves to be comfortable in the void. Their “trainer” so to speak is called risk. Like soldiers training or firefighters practicing different scenarios, business owners constantly risk and attempt different things. The more they fail and recover, the more comfortable they become with the void. Their emotions, which for many create havoc in their lives, are in check. While others run for cover, this is the time when they seek opportunities that might not have appeared in good times. It’s the Real Estate agent that knows there is less competition, therefore more potential clients. It’s the consultant that can see where the need is most prevalent and shifts into it. It’s the business that knows it’s not the cost of marketing, it’s the return. If you always do what you always done, you’ll always get what you always got. The status quo is beginning to show cracks. It’s time to become comfortable with the unknown. It may become the new status quo.