One question only: “How much does a website cost?”

I received this question in my inbox. I get this question a lot. For those of you who are wondering how I answered it here you go:

 Asking “how much is a website?” is like asking “how much is a house?”

 We offer “free” do-it-yourself websites to ones that are thousands of dollars and everything in between. If it’s done properly the return on investment should more than pay for any cost. Just ask our clients.

 Your online presence has many components to it. It’s no longer simply about a website anymore. For example, looking at your current website, it’s not ideally optimized for the search engines, yet I’m sure you’d like the search engines to find your website.

 We start the process by asking:

“Who is the prospective client you are trying to communicate with on the other side of the monitor?”

“How do they typically find companies like yours?”

“What information are they looking for?”

“How do they want to see it?”

 Cost is dictated simply by meeting those objectives.

 There’s more to it, but you get the idea. If your business isn’t unique enough to require a custom approach, we will simply refer you to a boilerplate solution. Why? Because if your only competitive differentiator is price, you better keep your prices low and see if you can outsource production to low labour countries.  But if you do have competitive differentiators, are passionate about what you do and need results, let’s talk. But it will cost what it costs to get the results.