Marketing: Where to put your money?

The answer is quite simple: It’s were you get the greatest return on your marketing investment. But how do you know where you get your best return? You measure current marketing activity and adjust. If you don’t measure you can’t manage. Marketing is an ongoing process, not a destination. What works today, doesn’t necessarily work tomorrow. You only need to look at the declining state of traditional print advertising.  A growing number of businesses are shifting marketing dollars over to internet marketing. But even they make the mistake of not measuring when a website is a perfect data gathering tool. The smart business people I know measure, whether it’s their business plan, marketing, operations etc. They then review and adjust based on data. As data indicates problem tends, solutions can be implemented. If you struggle measuring use a little saying I’ve been using for years: “if you have a problem, make it a procedure and you won’t have the problem anymore.”