Lower Cost, Big Results Web Design: The Realignment

If your tires are warn, paints a bit scratched and your engine is running rough, do you go by a new car? I doubt it. So why do it with your website, especially in these tougher times?

Remember when you had to create a website from scratch? I bet the toughest part was writing the content. The good news is that the next time you redo the website, it will be far easier as the content usually only needs some sprucing up. So what can you do to spruce up the website and get the best return on your dollar?

Here’s what I recommend for Realignment:
1. A new visual that keeps your branding intact but looks more modern.
2. Optimize the website for the search engines. Many earlier websites were built as glorified brochures. Websites and Internet marketing are now serious business. Small changes can increase traffic dramatically.
3. Ensure your website is built for the visitor, not you. Provide the information they need in the way they need to see it.
4. Ensure the code is up to standards and that the site is tested on various browsers including handheld PDA devices.
5. Analyze your traffic data and adjust the navigation of the website to reflect the flow patterns, thereby making your site more user friendly.

A realignment will do wonders for the effectiveness of your website and cost far less.