Website Renovation: Landscaping Site Before and After

Have you ever seen those home makeover shows?  The ones that take a dated house and transform it? The lesson they teach is that you don’t need to build a home from scratch to improve your surroundings.


Sometimes, all a website needs is a bit of a facelift to breathe new life in to it. A client had a simple website that was over 5 years old and showing its age. And, knowing Google will start to penalize rankings for websites that aren’t mobile friendly, it was a great time for a quick website renovation!

Brooktrail Screenshot Before


A mobile-friendly (responsive) website built with on a robust Content Management System (WordPress). An updated project gallery highlights the great work this client does. Because it’s built with a custom WordPress theme, it’s also expandable and easily updated if the client needs to add or change content. And the best thing? Because it was a website renovation, rather than a total rebuild, it cost less and was done faster!

Brooktrail screenshot after