Is your Business Model set to grow during this economic downturn?

There is a difference between a self employed person and a business owner. One owns their job, the other owns a business system or model. A business model is simply the whole system that generates wealth. Self employed people work in their business while business owners work on their business model. With the current economic landscape, many of the models that worked in good economic times are now less effective. The true entrepreneurs I know are comfortable risking. In times like these they look for opportunity. That goes whether they are in manufacturing or web design. In Ajax last week, I was at a prosperity conference. Leaders from accross Durham were brought together to discuss where Durham Region was going. What I discovered was that there is not a better place in Ontario, in fact the world, I would rather be living. From education, skilled labour, energy, agriculture, mix of businesses, we have it all. If the picture of your business isn't looking to grow and expand during this downturn, it may be to time to revisit your model to position yourself so it does. Not doing so will spin you into a downturn and a slow painful death.