Internet Marketing:Your Company Name as a Brand

In traditional branding terms, in the long run a brand is just a name. In the short term, the brand needs a unique idea or concept. It needs to “own” a word in the mind, ideally first in it's class (think Amazon, eBay etc.). After time that uniqueness disappears.(Esso verses Petro Canada, Seven 11 verses Mac's Milk etc.). Branding does take time. With the Internet's constant birth of the new, I'm in full agreement with putting your company in the title tag if the purpose is building branding. Repetition as well as seeing that company's name together with the other title tags pairs the two in a persons mind. Many times you'll see a company name/logo with a positioning tag line underneath it, which sort of acts the same way a title tag would. Or on radio, linking the company name with a sound. Duracell, “the copper top battery” uses both.(Did you hear the ringing in your minds ear?). Internet marketing involves building web standard compliant websites, optimizing for search engines while also incorporating relevant marketing laws.