Google Wants your Website to be Mobile Friendly

One of the biggest changes in the last few years has been the increase in the use of mobile device use. Your google analytics can show you how much traffic is coming to your website through mobile device searches!

Responsive site on iPhoneGoogle wants everyones website to be “mobile friendly”.  How much? They say if your website is not mobile friendly, starting April they will penalize your website on their search engine when people visit your website from a mobile device. 

So, although your website can be seen on mobile devices, it may not mobile friendly in Google's definition.

So if search engine rankings are important to you, you can do 4 things (in order of cheapest to most expensive):

  1. Do nothing  
  2. Get a stand-alone mini site that visitors visiting from a mobile device are taken to. 
  3. Switch your current website “as is” to a “responsive website”. That means your website will “morph” into the size of whatever screen it's being viewed on.(like the adjacent iPhone image) 
  4. Take the opportunity to rebuild your website completely: new look and new responsive functionality. 

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