Warning from Google: Your Website MUST now be Mobile Friendly, or your rankings will suffer

iphone with mobile friendly websites searchStarting in April 2015 Google wanted your website to be more mobile friendly and if it wasn't they started penalizing non-mobile friendly websites, on their search engine, when visitors searched from a mobile device. (Google article here) “The search engine already promotes sites that work well on mobile devices over ones that don’t, a change introduced in April 2015”.

In typical Google fashion, they are signalling that they will be taking mobile search even further…very soon. Google will be switching from a desktop focussed index to a mobile-first index. “Google is fully splitting its search index into two distinct versions: a rapidly updated mobile one, and a separate, secondary search index for the desktop web.”

So now more than ever website owners will need to ensure that their website is mobile friendly.

So once again, no date has yet been set, except to say that this is coming “within months“,  but this is a warning from almighty Google.  There is still time to get your website mobile ready and it's more important than ever!