Good Bye Traditional Newspapers Hello Feeds

Newspapers report the past. They are inherently negative and lately down right depressing. I’ve decided to prorogue newspaper reading. I think I'll just skim the headlines in my Web Feeds. No more cutting down trees for paper. As traditional advertising slowly declines and newspapers shrink, so will the reading material that is pushed to the masses. To get my intellectual stimulation in 2009 I think I'll stick more to Blogs.

For those of you who still don’t know, A Blog is a web log, an online diary. What’s truly exciting to me is that many of the worlds top minds blog. Just figure out your passion and choose who to read.

Maybe it's a good thing that the traditional negative mass media is in turmoil and decline. With many of the traditional ways of the world  beginning to unravel, do we really want to be reminded day in and day out?

But don't fret. If you give up salt, you'll still get your daily intake from the foods once you go out into the world. The same for media. Even if you stop, you'll still get plenty.