Going Global. Lessons from a Port Perry, Ontario Web Design company

The industrialized age is coming to an end quicker than some would like to admit. Seems the knowledge economy, accelerated by the Internet, is speeding us to places “where no man has gone before”. Creation and collaboration are the new names of the game. And this collaboration is now global. Take our web design business. Lately we’ve been finding answers to our problems throughout the world. It’s easy and frankly fun. Here’s how it works. You have a “problem”. You find a forum on the Internet (a forum is like an online community) where like minded professionals in “the problem” field collaborate. You indicate your problem and community member’s respond with answers. Periodically we get a qualified forum member to fix the problem for us for a fee. We’ve had problems fixed (and fast) by people in United States, England and even Australia. These communities are online and friendly. And we now have connections there. Being a Port Perry, Ontario web design and Internet marketing firm, we typically see trends a bit sooner than most. Although this collaboration trend has been building for years now, the difference is in how many different fields it’s happening in. When computers came out, those who learned and became comfortable with them sooner were able to capitalize sooner. Try going Global. Learn and start to become comfortable in this new creative and collaborative world. You never know where it will lead to.