Getting what you want when you want it

Being in the business of web design in Port Perry, as well as having a deep love for new technology, visiting friends are typically exposed to the “new”. Last night was no exception. Before dinner we gave lessons on text messaging and using their Blackberry's camera. After dinner the conversation turned to comedians. Out came the laptop and we searched for clips on YouTube. We all laughed so hard it hurt. However, our friends had never visited YouTube. To their delight they were exposed to a new way of getting what they wanted when they wanted. The Internet puts people in control of the information they want, rather than being talked at by the television. How we communicate is changing. The younger demographic cohort, which is larger than the baby boom (age 12-32) is dragging the older crowd kicking and screaming. Instead of resisting, it's time the older crowd visited the YouTube’s of the world and start laughing with delight.