Firefox3 sets world download record. What is Firefox you ask?

In just 5 hours Firefox 3 set the record for most downloads in one day. If you're asking what the heck Firefox is, you're missing one great browser. Browsers are the things you view websites with. For Microsoft it's that ‘e' symbol. (It's surprising how many people we are doing web design in Durham for that didn't know that.) It's time to expand your horizons. For us web design in Toronto and the GTA just got a little faster! (Insert images of joy). It seems this browser is actually a lot faster than Explorer. The faster we (and you) can download websites for work (well, ok and for personal use) the better. I'm just kicking the tires of this new puppy on the Internet highway we affectionately call the web. Design your own customized Firefox browser with its many plug ins. 25% of people use Firefox and growing. What do they know that you don't? Have fun, download it check it out.

Update: July 10,2008. See the data on how many people are currently using the new Firefox since launch