Domain Scams – Don’t be Fooled

Domain Expiration NoticeDon't be fooled by domain renewal scams which you may receive by postal letter as a “Domain Name Expiration Notice”or by email. By mail they come from iDNS Canada, which has also been known as Domain Registry of Canada (DROC). These notices look very legitimate and even provide a return envelope and you can actually get to a website.

They prey on domain owners who are conscientious about keeping their domains renewed, but because renewal is annual, the domain owner may not realize / recognize that this is not the Registrar that they registered their domain with.

This is referred to as “Domain Slamming”  where they try to trick domain owners into switching from their current domain registrar. There are many other similar scams also sent by email, so don't be fooled.

What to do?

Try to keep track of  your vendors and who those renewal notices and invoices are supposed to come from. Always make sure you are not handing over some vital information or access to an unknown company.