Does your writing pass the DIGS test?

Have you become a spammer and didn’t even realize it? Are you inflicting cruel punishment on your friends and clients?

Internet tools have made it even easier to send out even more info. For some, the old habit of sending out information to large numbers of people to see if you get a little bit of traction is a left-over from the newspaper days. But those days are gone (or need to be).

It’s become so much easier for businesses to segment their audiences and send relevant information. But how do if you know if it’s relevant? Try the “DIGS” test.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of your target audience. You’ve just received the information you were planning to deliver to your audience. Ask yourself “Do I Give a Sh*t?” If the answer is “Yes” and it’s personal, practical and timely, then great, send it. And if not, either change it or don’t send it at all.

DIGS…remember it.