Does your website connect, rather than separate you from your audience?

In an internet marketing consultation session this morning, I reviewed a client’s website contents with them. What I noticed was a common occurrence that is subtle, yet has enormous implications. The client forgot that they were talking a single real-live human being who, like themselves, had their one head and 2 eyes glued to their monitor screen.

The client’s communication was similar to what you might find on a brochure, speaking to the masses rather than to one person. It wasn’t personal and it actually distanced themselves from the visitor. If people don't feel connected to your content, they will simply leave. How do you do that? Simple, write as though you are speaking to only one person (because you are). Put a face on top of your monitor if needed (call it your ideal client), and write directly to them. What interests them? How do they like information presented to them…a picture, video, story?

Use technology to get closer to your audience. Write content that is personal and practical to them. The better and more useful the experience is to your ideal client, the more effective your website will be.