Does your business website work on Mobile Devices?

Internet-enabled mobile devices are growing in popularity. It’s expected that in 3 years 50% of all phones sold will be web enabled. Google predicts that by 2015 “mobile is going be the number one screen through which users engage with advertisers’ digital brands.”

It just makes sense that if you are building or revamping your business website today you make sure that it’s mobile ready. Otherwise, you’ll be rebuilding it again in a few years. Because Flash sites are not search engine friendly or accessible on all mobile devices, we're noticing that companies are starting to replace them with mobile-friendly sites.

But what should a business replace it with? There are various solutions depending on what your objective is. Business to consumer sites might only want to provide small bits of information that their clients want. A restaurant, for example, may want to provide their hours, a map, specials or coupons, a menu and maybe a link to their Facebook page. Others businesses may require their whole website to be seen.

It really comes down to the purpose of the website and what your customers want to see when they visit your site on a mobile device. We're also seeing businesses starting to use QR codes to send mobile phone users to specific web pages, such as a coupon or product information page.

Whatever your needs, just ensure your website is mobile friendly. If it’s not, customers may simply not even be aware of your business.