Do you need a mobile App (or website)?

Prospective Client: I think I need a mobile app for my business.

Me: Why do you think you need one?

Prospective Client: Others have said we should get one. And it's kinda cool.

Me: But you don't count.

Prospective Client: What?

Me: Why does what you want have anything to do with getting an app?

Prospective Client: I'm still not following

Me: You build an app or a website for your online visitor. If they need or want an app to see or buy your product, then get a mobile app. If not, why bother?

Prospective Client: But, I like having the latest technology

Me: Me too. There's a lot of cool stuff out there. But the key is picking the ones that translate into revenue or reduce your costs. And that means asking yourself, “What do my prospective customers use and want?”

Prospective Client: But I'm not sure.

Me: Talk to some of your current perfect customers. Ask them.

Prospective Client: Sounds straightforward

Me: It is. People just get distracted by the cool. Revenue first, cool second.